...aka KingCrow

Hello. My name is Angelo Pagliuca and I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineer from Carnegie Mellon University with a minor in Game Design and Intelligent Environments. I'm experienced in Programming, Game Designand Level Design. I'm passionate about games because they are an escape to our simple and monotonous lives, they open up a world of pure imagination, and there's nothing I want to do more than be part of creating these worlds.

Battle in Wonderland

Programming Game Design Level Design

Battle in Wonderland is a fighting platformer game based on Fairy Tale characters. Having different fighters made me realize the importantance of balancing character traits as well as the importance of player fighting styles. I also learned the importance of controller button layout as it changed the feel of the game depending what buttons were pressed.

  • Fighting mechanics
  • Controller mechanics
  • Animation controller

Watch Trailer: Youtube

Download: Windows


Programming Game Design Level Design

A 2D Puzzle Platformer game consisting of 3 levels including a boss fight. Split is the first split screen game I worked on, which taught me the importance of how a player interacts with their corresponding screen as well as the other player's screen. I also learned the importance of level design as I had to work with puzzle placement as well as respawn points which changed the game dynamic.

  • Codesigned levels
  • Decoration placement
  • Puzzle/Game mechanics

Download: Windows , Mac OS


Programming Game Design Level Design

SudoKO is a Sudoku based multiplayer game that taught me how to have an existing idea, and morph it into something from your imagation, adding new rules and goals that change the whole mechanics of the game. It was also the first multiplayer game I worked on, teaching me player v player interactions as well as how different players interpreted the same information displayed on the screen.

  • Board mechanics
  • Particle effects
  • Decorations

Download: Windows , Mac OS

Satellite Control

Programming Game Design Level Design

First time I worked with a team was making this game for the 2018 Global Game Jam. I learned how important commucation is between all sectors of the game industry and I've come to understand how to convey important information to all team members to achieve the level of greatness one strives for.

  • Designed levels
  • Game mechanics

Madpy's Revolution


This is it. This is the game that started it all for me. Madpy's Revolution: my first game made as my term project for Fundamentals of Programming. As soon as I first started coding I knew I had a passion for it, and this project is the one that opened my eyes to game programming. With the help of my sister, Janet Pagliuca, and her magnificent art I was able to ultimately complete my game after long and hard hours, but that made me realize how fun it is to be able to express your imagination in the form of a game.

  • Programmed in Python
  • UI